Helping Hands

Supporting our NHS in its hour of greatest need.

How it works

NB: student volunteers need to login to their Uni of Sheffield Google account to access the volunteer sign-up form.

In light of the current pandemic, Sheffield MedSoc is organising medical students to volunteer in both clinical and community roles, in support of patients and clinicians.

Services that we can provide include:

  • babysitting/childcare
  • Cooking / delivery of cooked meals
  • Caring for the elderly 

… And much more! We are also working with hospitals to integrate well-trained medical student volunteers into clinical practice.

Wellbeing Newsletter

We know it’s difficult. 

So we’re working together with PsychSoc to release a weekly newsletter offering welfare tips, testimonies and much more. 


How is COVID-19 affecting your studies?

Our colleagues in London are collaborating on a global initiative to elicit medical students’ views on the current COVID-19 crisis. They have developed a short 5 min survey to let medics’ voices be heard.

This survey was developed by students, for students, and aims to:

  1. Explore what we as medical students believe we can do to help and what we feel comfortable doing.
  2. Gather students’ concerns about clinical work during a pandemic,
  3. Explore how medical education in these difficult times should be delivered.

The team would really appreciate your help in filling in this survey! Your time will go towards forming a global, diverse and accurate depiction of medical students’ genuine thoughts about the ongoing pandemic.

Get involved!

Sheffield Medical Students Helping Hands – Facebook Group